i will, soon, re-set-up all the links that should be on this page. i know you’re missing them.

i’ve been re-writing very old poetry into newer, strangely more discursive, prose-poems. it allows me to reflect on what i was doing a few years ago, & also now. it seems i was trying to sub in a lot of vernacular speech to my poems. it seems, also, that this vernacular speech wasn’t anything like i would speak in real life. it seems writing poetry is modifying the way i speak. it makes sense: i often feel i am being comprehended less by people, as time goes by, but that they are nodding as if they understand. like when you don’t quite hear something someone said for the second or third time in a row, & you just nod because it probably can’t be too important.

anyway, an interesting new tangential project. one that is of course eating up time i could be spending on more officious activities. but that’s creative-procrastination for you, man.