check out my snappy answers to stupid questions now up on cordite. i don’t know what it all means.

&, check out this review at prick of the spindle. i trawled through a few reviews of [growling softly], and finally found a reviewer willing to mention my name. pay dirt. & i quote:

“Others poems convey titillation with playful use of language, the end result of which resurrects the jocular poetic spirit of e.e. cummings. Derek Motion introduces playful movement with “i can drive &”, a poem that addresses a lover and conveys sweet infatuation that says ‘I can be whatever you want’ without ever saying it directly: “i can be as overexposed as you/ i can be a collage/ i can be music” (1-2). Others, like Amber Nelson’s “April 28” and “April 29” evoke cummings both in form and subject. These additions to the collection serve to balance out the darker elements found throughout much of the work, and in the end, function as reprieves.”

a poet should probably always aim to titillate.