i check the stats on this blog every now & then. & it seems when i don’t post much, people simply stop visiting. you know the biggest day ever (while in this wordpress platform)? it was the day i updated my links, & listed the hundred or so blogs i like to read. this shows people only want to know about themselves. & others too, sometimes, but the link to your ‘self’ must be fairly clear.

what i just wrote then is dubious & up for debate.

if your in the area, check out these forthcoming australian poetry events (i have a google search operating on ‘australian poetry’ – let’s see if it really works):

Tonight, 5.30pm, 8th May, Albury City Library – poetry reading featuring Petra White + others

Monday, 6.30pm, 12th May, Wagga City Library – poetry reading featuring Petra White + others

i know there are at least a million of you albury blog readers out there, & that you hide your electronic traces well. i expect to see you all get out & support literary activity in your region.

&, if you’re super keen (& one of those secret blog readers from wagga (i know there’s a handful maybe)), i’m giving a seminar detailing my PhD research on

Friday 16th May, 3-4pm in the Humanities Building of Charles Sturt University Wagga.

remember there will be absolutely no refreshments served at this academic / poetic event. and the chairs will no doubt be uncomfortable.