hey there i’d go anything doing but what we should
‘affect’ places purchased or dowsed in petrol i’m
not crazy or nothing illicit still feign sleep & eating
i enjoy chips from a packet how about the world
not too much lasts wrong up in starboard navcams
more neo-non-committal than the next dupe class
lines eating away frost opens your magnet using
more tenses than plato in keeping perpetual time
& profit margin favourites equal scaled up liquid
trenchcoats in spring, flavoured talcum or sapphire
blue like ‘moon’, else ‘wind’ the nineteen hundreds
flew kicking my mateship into next autumn’s war
bored with buxom wind ups mass time-checkings
not rocket fuel on that rub of shoulders late friday
if she meant more with earthquakes poking the
buildings skeletal in derision who’d be there to
have my back treat yourself, whatever, no ply is
to indulgent as crepuscular makes tomato soup
look glum kids should drive faster be readier as
memories are more banal than a song, fade out