through browsing your mind on the side, wet
from the inclement options all habitable planets
throw up. background eco-noise is bombastic
in rare spurts. we’re careful of dogs & the
common parrot, when noisome on the road.

dave is sending an email saying let’s discuss
this further: in person / in dialogue / in transit though
dave fails to make it clear. also what to discuss. it’s
a slight grammatical glitch, yet he lowers himself
in my eyes. sometimes i think it is purposeful,
like not a lot else. double-rainbows are poetic.

your daughter begins to learn things, point to things,
take steps toward things. you take less notice of things
as a precaution. she smacks your keyboard &
mimics your grimace.

watch salesman are stalking me like lovers,
their noble purpose squishing down the perversion.