could read when i was four. not austen or tolstoy,
steadily posting the results (& there is need of this
of mount carmel’s cave, & of his many attributes,
turned could find a river to dunk my head in. what

door is the richest in the house. encrusted with rub-
ies manages not only to eke out sustenance but also
to rather than this place. i told them i hated them
down, keeping her warm, and asking simple questions

to judge just wait, you’ll see her, she’ll be here. my
school it. & that’s a sign that the lord is coming
school which had begun with stuart hall. the book
was small area covered with bloodword trees & very

beautiful grass words, dominant cultures need liter-
ature to promote their own interests here’s a little he
or is it it? (or was enough to laugh expedient the muse
will try, & walk on stilts, although about places, the

latch-key to our drifting lives, seems in the lusher past-
ures of the english nineteenth-century scene through
a fugue for three voices, you heard a fourth in its soph-
istication, for example in the number of sub- they

couldn’t find me. but they discovered the sixth moon
& all serious critical analysis has the status of a that
are already strong internationally. my thinking here
follows, in they dodge when japan tobacco inc fails

to satisfy a blake’s naming of mills his petroleum jelly
satan & brood i fantasise an alternate reality: teaching
senior english, directing the it no more stacks-on of the
weekend or at but she cannot close the holes in her fill

up her. o language, virtue of man, touchstone worn down by