six fifteen from the bedroom to the bathroom
into my daughter’s room to the loungeroom
with television out to the kitchen along to
the diningroom a few perambulations then
between rooms they escape exact memory
an arrival in the shower precedes dressing
in the bedroom back to the bathroom / kitchen
/ laundry / dining room / front porch / lounge-
room / bedroom / lounge / kitchen / daughter’s
room / kitchen / daughter’s room / dining room
/ hallway / front yard & the into the cars along
an uneventful highway & into holbrook one
fifteen & the submarine café / the submarine
café restroom / the submarine café / more roads
fading into the description of the last then albury
then yarrawonga then a bridge over the murray
with low water & many tree-stumps then
mulwhala & the house with the kids party /
entrance / dining / lounge / dining / lounge
exit to the cars retracing the bridge & then
the skate park on the water a walk near the edge
across some grass & tales of an unlikely talking
toilet allowing ten minutes per visit back to
albury a short stop in a house but just one room
the cars again one more stop this time a red
rooster a real mistake at seven forty five
more cars more roads but this time in the dark
& then the original house wherein: a hallway
a kitchen a lounge the boys’ room the little-girl’s
room the lounge the bedroom the dining room
& then the loungeroom, in other words, here,
ten fifty one