you’ll probably notice the difference in this posting straight away: the lines don’t plunge towards other lines without warning, the punctuation is fairly regular, the ideas at stake are not purposively obfuscated nor the images made defamilar. in short, things are back to a prosey norm. july is here.

so far july has brought to the fore the cold weather that was threatening in the last few days of june. i’ve set the desired temperature to around 72 (it refuses celsius – stubborn as only americans can be) but the system is only just capable of keeping it there. that’s ok though, i just stay away from windows more, more than usual.

the  splatter poems for june were good. it was, like last year, a trial to have to be poetic-on-demand, every night. but i think at least half of the pieces are good & i’m thinking some might have a life beyond the blog. we shall see. a lot of life in the blog stats too. for some reason yesterday typingspace got the most hits its had all year. i blame the debate about enjambment. oh yeah but also the countless new readers that are being drawn into the web of this blog. not that i’ve made ron silliman’s ‘list’ of people he doesn’t know. if for some reason i did i would assume an ‘air’. i would begin italicizing more ‘words’ in my writing, start laying claim to a special language-usage particular to me. or something.

if you’re in melbourne, or heading down for the ‘poetry & the trace’ conference (it’s just such hard work to link things – you know, you have to find the site, copy the address, press the link button, paste…it’s like making soup from a tin) i’ll be on the overland panel, speaking about the trace of postmodern tradition in contemporary poetic practice. tuesday the 15th, 5.30pm. i don’t know what i’ll say yet. perhaps my ‘dumbfoundedness’ will illustrate perfectly my stance.