on this blog, where, my utterances are fairly instant (the ums invisible though).

i turned the computer on; as i secretly suspected there was a wireless connection waiting.

with plastic credit, the world is waiting. thereby immediacy is on my side.

………………………………………(the computer is capitalism!)

peter asked a question about resistance: movements or generations are often defined by their

‘resistance’. resistance to certain societal norms, that as always have a reach,

a creep into poetic / artistic expression? keri hands the microphone to me.

i simply don’t have an answer. nick placed us as opposing capitalism,

& that’s fair enough. i’m still a little struck with the silliness of being placed

: up there as a generation, or even as a group of people.

other people then want to relate to you as a ‘group’,

with somewhat similar tendencies & motives & methods.

kate asked about ‘what we’re writing about’ & wow i didn’t want

to answer that one either. astrid read something from her blog.

there’s the counter-thrust &/or parry. too combative? um,

yeah. but i can’t say too much. speaking is riddled with despair.

i do like being kept alive by re-arranging data, plucking stuff,

setting a pattern, making it age in new ways, & it’s probably

most ethically sound to be uncertain. a valid springboard position.

an old trampoline of paradox kept out back, next to the shed

where petrol smells always inhere, regardless of your attempts.