i meant to make something of it quite a while ago, but kerryn goldsworthy published an article on blogging – ‘Product, Practice, Private, Public’ – in the last issue of HEAT. there’s much in it, but one little part of interest: ‘…blogging is a way to socialise without the extra strains of being physically present…’ & a matter of extending the way you communicate with people, not a limiting occupation.

i am, eventually, drained by the physicality of ‘being present’. i need to withdraw & regather; many other people, i know, do not. so blogging extends my act of private thought & internal communication into a public act, an act with social reach. i like that.

because physicality is a process in flux. like desire, like the meeting of eyes, like sex. engaging & abating. how many of us sleep within a lover’s arms? after an engagement or not? limbs entangled, heads on breasts etc. if memory serves me correctly the sleep patterns of couples is prone to assimilation: positions are reversed: foetal positions facing the same direction for the most. & then even the rolls begin to subliminally coordinate – i face left, you face left; i roll, you roll.

there’s a need to gather one’s thoughts, desires & motives for action (writing).  supra-physical conversation & collaboration allows a gathering with immediacy. in fact it’s more physical as if by design. we are not products of our imaginations but products of our methods.