gumption in evacuating the living-room a wistful
leasehold expires transit Busy all aspects in general
sure-footed cartoon-like in arrears / (we hope you
(& your guest / party / group) find some of this (objects
atmospherics / intentions) amenable) / idiom matters more
than Colonialism you know eucalypt impressions kept
at bay working-horse-stories battened down under threat
of solipsistic typhoons / (we had hoped to do more
for you (we had ideas) but we’ve realised we don’t know
what you like (or are like)) / i touch you & we talk
in the early morning window opened weather there’s
a Frequency in some things / (we think most things are best
left up to you, &, we do not mean to be rude in stating this
(we, of course)) / wave to the people go on