lagoon eyed teens laugh at        your ode

wildcards fuddling un-                        arty the statues ap-pear

                       slow mall design faster              chickens wore happy

forget red signs shifting


bald spot to an amphitheatre

      ears like coke      (bark bark bark until silence would be dull)


my jewellery your public affairs to the stars tone flagrant

mix-up get suited up for a                                 brief fling thing down


i’ll tell you things in different         skirts blue odours disclosure like it

all was a time past & here’s looking back


the roaming an institute of cheerleaders    with potted plant modals

                                                          sitting too still tense


& often as you brooch moves

            true i forget


towards a scared opera house business

parks finite less i’m uncertain

                       an act of bliss in swift bakelite

                                                            momentum very faint what’s


fun now pills are straight-faced                                tampered beats love electro-proof