So many threads but then these are the essentials we must get down, somewhere, textually sure. After talking about models of failure the question arises (as it must always have been going to) that maybe success / failure are options we should be looking outside. I said yeah, I know it’s fallacious to focus on just two directions in an either / or fashion, as if they are the only two options. But, I said, that’s what I’m doing. Afterwards (always when you come up with the classic rejoinders) I was strolling down Hunter Street thinking of my two options: Brennan was on a sort of silly quest for true knowledge of the divine, the unconscious. It’s a singularity this ‘one true knowledge’ and one might imagine that looking for the singular, for the divine, for the one ‘truth’ is of course a little silly. That’s been put before though. (There is no truth; only truths…etc) What about searching for the really fundamental ‘either / or’s then? The true binaries of creative life? Success & Failure rule me quite a bit. I’m really interested in the binary, even though I did say something, somewhere near the beginning of my essay, stating that traditional notions of failure (unstated or implicit) don’t seem to be expansive enough. I think I’m looking to create more options, while still hanging on to the keywords, the old ‘focus the mind’ nomenclature.


& then the performances. Such a beautiful range of poetries on offer. Ivy Alvarez read the Latin preface perfectly (yay! as she would say), Patrick Jones’ displayed some eerily quiet tones, Kate Fagan played a poetic bingo game, Nathan Curnow said ‘yeah right chris’ in his response poem…there’s a lot more to say. I might say it in another post. & of course I’d really like to get these poems up for you to all read. Somewhere; soon.


Then there was drinks & music & discussion & hanging out with lots of nice people. Tara admitted that I am the most formidable scrabble opponent in the world. & we sat amongst a hundred people & watched Nathan perform his ghost-poetry in an old prison. Very cool.


Then train rides & really dodgy maccas at Sydney airport. Then home & to the Wagga show. Dagwood dogs, music-trip, dodgem cars, ferris-wheels, zippers, gravitrons, mazes, clowns, quad-bikes, men on stilts, motor-bike stunts, show-bags, wood-chopping, fireworks. The show folks with their ancy desperate enthusiasm. Spits of rain driving you into a frenzy. Sugar rushes & gangs of roaming thieves. Change building up in your pockets to drown you.