although, being nothing about a topic.

we apologise for confusion & note your

confusion on other occasions, it

being, in fact, a constant condition:

we really can’t be blamed for any

state at any moment, hmm? there there.

you once published a disclaimer on your

website, this being before blogs

at least the popular rise. your site a

basic collection of links & an image

of yourself. ‘oh, that’s what he looks like.’

& then ‘oh, he’s interested in these certain

things.’ et cetera. the disclaimer very

long & quite funny you thought; cut

& paste in its entirety from some other web-

site. why do that? what kind of

person are you? um! a picture

of angie hart from frente.

what happened to her? presumably

she’s kept working, arting, like others,

with varying levels of success, notoriety.