joan-of-arc died with her beliefs etching a spirograph
pattern vague retinal detachment discretely sexy clouds still
look like they will grass as always wavering to the jumbo thrill
your oesophagus used to be generative the letters m & a sand-
wiched together one imagines jewellery seducing a plastic horse
things jangly & sparkling out loud wearing a provocative cape
to that family gathering in a field on the way lambs are laughter
we as much as anyone hiccup over speed-humps people sneeze
at a hundred it sounds like a wolf moaning your name he’s
sponsoring a child designing a reptile creature working on the
small-talk even at home dust is silent bordering on vindictive
three separate friends talk about defining love in the space of
a week the passionfruit vines wilted throw in a reference to
a miss world pageant a particular one build a spaceship
within the lull of nothing works you’re silly & i’m growing taller
cats find a home elsewhere or claw at the bedspread i’m looking
you up looking you up like you look up things now as you can
there should be more talk of the hypochondric tendencies of
beatified celebrities even the nuances of grooming i know
acquaintances are trite no more than the sum of parts when
opinions are mellifluous & chocolate tastes like air especially
on a farm when drinks are served then sun used to set
things change even though you’ll never drive a race-car
we could keep adding to the atmosphere we won’t or
knock that wise movement it’s like ‘quiet safe poems
that make nothing happen’ rust staining the beams i’d
be up in that balloon would you pack it with critics
it got warmer earlier this year & i kept at the inquiry the
ethical stance developed to make friends laugh people
are moving away pack up the car we’ll eat later & aliens
wouldn’t bother with a message would they it’s all in
a jaunty hat & some eye-makeup like prehistoric man
we resemble at best a device can’t you remember