if you’re in melbourne, or somewhere near belgrave, you should go along to the launch of page seventeen next weekend. this is the sixth issue, & will be launched by lee kofman (she’s great). this is the third time poems of mine have been featured. page seventeen are a quality operation (& not just because my work is often selected). tiggy runs a professional publication, one supportive of writers at all levels.

of course, i can’t be there. would have loved to get there again but it’s just not possible. this should not stop you going though. enjoy the day. see who wins prizes for their work.

nathan curnow has promised to be there, & to read my poems, in a clown-suit. if he does not do this you have my permission to punch him in the arm. if he does not turn up, you will know he is scared of being punched in the arm, & you can therefore think of him what you like.

seriously though… oh who am i kidding, i don’t know if i have anything serious to say. maybe the serious stuff was up the top of this post somewhere.

‘Dude, are you being sarcastic?’

‘I don’t know anymore.’