these are some things i’ve received in the mail recently, & have been reading. i’d like to say more about them all, but i’ve been trying to get on a thesis roll / role, & saying things of any sort tends to impede that (role).

interestingly though, the books from annmarie eldon & nicholas manning were ordered from lulu at the same time (yep, i’m not even hyperlinking those things) &, there was a printing error. i received both volumes, but inside eldon’s some2 there is printed, in its entirety, a copy of manning’s novaless. right in the middle of a poem called ‘house calls and the slattern’s self-disparaging emesis’, after a line 

day checked off produces: a

there comes a page (printed upside down) with my name & some ordering information, & then novaless. it’s disconcerting. at least it was to start with. the bonus is of course that i now have both texts in one volume, & can carry them about in my bag with ease. it’s also probably a unique text. one day, depending on my global perambulations, i will no doubt get both of these poets to sign the text, & it will then be worth millions.

by the way, to read astrid’s review of how to do words with things / subtext (by patrick jones & peter o’mara) go here. that’s right, one link. my personal blog-review is insubstantial, but i do recommend getting hold of this book by two artists that really are ‘doing’ things. there’s a lot that could be said about it.

someone recently got to this blog by searching on ‘people for rendering’. that’s kinda creepy. or is it? is there some contextualisation i’m missing?