documented verve confounds us into slots of hours of bytes:

your thingness ever smaller when you reach eighty packaged

into segments, film-splices showing the glamorous colours

we invented a cure for in the 90s: & ideas well are shrink-

wrapped into your stupid outburst (pocket-size emotion).

past to belie story; always is maybe best. old light is a scent

at times & more wandering demonstrates intractableness,

her first love, after saying when will exciting come! was i broken

into a nobody? breathe my blind &gathering hillside now it’s

like midnight on tv – sections to preface everything, old-age

looking tonight falser than east is difficult, wrecked like paths

between ferrous outcropping (who means what, eg or etc).

sleeping through travel or hardening foreshores. in fifth-hand

suits we sacrifice all can-do, holiday, nightly miss the sun –

a didgeridoo clambers muffled to a stop. every silence is pesky

since time through splendour, mornings here at one hundred,

abandoned minerals stirred into the burgeoning sense of sanity.