murder we wrote on our iphone; a blogging burst.

remembered my hair on the wind if not me in time,

taking the easy bliss, wayfaring a crust of the great

ocean road, ditch-dumb & secured against felt-hats,

glib out of the green, rasping the hearth of every rsl.

a deleted alpha-numeric-string whips up sunlight,

against larvae patterns sight-unseen, sonar groper

dreamt mid-ovulation. i moved in with my parents.

cavafy on the trampoline like it’s the boxing-day test.

he came made of foil & an indeterminable half-life,

looked nice, spotty not dappled cluing us in to swarm-

universals, ho-hum, correspondences. listserv my

luscious heart out. you suck but hey: earnest eviction-

papers eyed by the common swallow. how about me.