thought grooves are happy. insurance agent against phenomena

goes like leavened bread outputs breakfast cereal with his sunset.

upsurge. an in-house profiling disseminates the hatred / lust something

or other, calculated addresses increment to groups of LED flip plugs.

into antennas: the primal scene the case-based likening of stupidity.

staged a kinetic movement drama; set-design by mork. media ignores

content phased by a seamless elipse, brokered off-shore, pissweak.


one text to another seeds laughter, motorised sensuality affords us this

saturation-point, expect not to know what to expect. foggy girls in glasses.

water on the face illumines your t-shirt, spikes across the jogging shoes

swerve to spare life-formulaic. a screened descent to push out the utter

visuals once made for looking, feeling & hot for heat – as trapped in

epic studio space with a packet of minties as the whole jazz age

wishes it could be. me. the cat at the door. staff observing

window content over a gilt shoulder. energy drink.