sure, the poetics of space is a virtually impenetrable text, but now we find there is merit in approaching the everyday spaces from a different angle. we calmly pull a fold-up chair over to that nook in the backyard that is never used, & sit there, observing the odd way light falls on a corrugated shed, the curious manner in which fleeting sounds are added to the daily mix from this vantage. we pull a few pillows & a blanket into the bathroom, sleep where it’s hard & cool, measuring out random drips. we’ll venture into the man-hole because it’s there for a reason – take stock of the hidden assortment of dirt, mini-marsupials, & newspapers from the 20s. something is gained perhaps & yes then when i walk through the gate & out to get something from the car, i feel wonderful. just appreciating the feel of dry grass scathing feet. placing your cheek right down to the concrete warmth, observing, awaiting the ants. it’s all hopeful.