i came across the term ‘dog days’ a long time ago in the christina stead novel for love alone, wherein a cantankerous aunt says something like ‘we’re in the dog days of summer’… i looked up the term & i think (if i remember correctly) it referred to the sirius constellation, the dog star, & how this became prominent during the hottest part of the year. interestingly i think it only has relevance in the northern hemisphere (?) & so stead’s use of the term has a couple of meanings when her characters are so obviously placed in australia (while also so obviously being somewhat different to the run-of-the-mill australian).

it has been so hot though. (44 predicted today – 111 if you’re on the old scale…)

& the other day on the way back from canberra i had just one cd on because i couldn’t change it without stopping. the augie march song ‘dogsday’ must have played 4 times. unsure how he’s using the ‘dog’ reference (i haven’t studied the lyric) but it’s a beautiful song.

this live verion isn’t the best but it’s the only one i could find: augie march – dogsday