a sogginess about the edged housing these

relevancies a cleansed approach rooms windows

to otherness lazily inspecting dope plants pollocked with

dew hazard the crisp yellow firmament of old news classified

texture everyone gardens without enthusiasm planning mentally

prove a point to the calendar networking like a cloud mores the

generality of friends fixing water-spray to property for an

outlook idea of tranquillity more industrious in the pressure-

system dropped like an old friend still room-to-room on

a highway i’ve been gone composting memory for a

year silver birch beside boulders shivery makes sense only

in the perceived difference abodes after dwelling proffer

signs of the intricate a portentous crack in the plastered

roof-craft spiders hovered outside glass slats we

invented habits so unique like locking the screen

growing our own contentedness let’s file away

lust in the poems i’ll have time the soil squish

& the table scrape here pledge never to misuse

‘scape’ though or ruin your knowing eyes not

hands in work, giant-sized wordsworthian

work that outdoes the words every time

paint the questions on the walls

others will answer with a

seachange shrug