for n.curnow


like the bland hug at one’s depth of bed-storms,

light glitches refigured to past teachers, creaming soda

my factual solace, hay-bale dreams. you fancied her

ponytail more than anything. sheet lightning levels above

slessor & his cool happenstance fizzled. this afternoon

we should reference the sheet-music that survives.


as i want to declare stuff now steadily: impart student

earnest life-lived wisdom & pre-war modish jubilant. i

want to get stoned like it’s a psych-trait, hang on people

in cars, organ players who slide in from ten years back

dragging the lines of lyric moment & brown leather.

awesome & un-meaningful cares had a colour. derek

just unaware of his image perceived by others: flashing

out boys-club academic lines, even a private phonecall

gets gotten, eventually. poor derek looking remote.