we saw derek making a cup of tea: ½ turn, ¼ turn,

angel falls of sugar & the water blinked away.

a chipped china absence & you’d guess the cup

messed with the wrong glass (nightclub of

suds). derek effected this beverage to then sit

on a freezer & compost the adjunct images.

caffeine still leeching as if the pondering

was not just inopportune but obscene. 10

mins at the traffic lights. standing at the

wrong counter. the hamburgular’s in-store

appearance. derek seemed assured, such

instances fell ably to hand & often, perhaps a

quantifiable result of the heuristic honours thesis.

he massaged his right shoulder strained from

the irate nothingness repeated for too long.

he removed the teabag quashing a remainder

between thumb & forefinger. we eyed derek,

the arbiter of all final actions; mid-court rallies.

derek leaves off more tensile pursuits to drink tea.

he imagines it will jostle the senses & afford direction,

or so we suppose, observing because life is boring.