booted tradesman skulking in our bathroom blurt

a similar unique noise / everyone going down the street

mincing / mincing / some conspiracies just more paragon


(than others) can i do this ken would say / while doing it

shoving the incidentals up in threes / cockamamie / never

so easy / sun afloat atop abreast naked limbs & a lens


intentness odd in others so it shuffles a deck / your heart

see-through on that tandem bike ride & with relief:

a squelched homily of plasma / finding people’s hairs


i’d have to sort out memories of maidens & trysts plus

whatnots / magical woodpecker diaries / (where it a

box-factory) i’m only going to fuck with the telephone


a cross pollination / dashes em or en / residual couldn’t care

lesses / the perverted idea treated carefully / intellectual techno /

wait three / there here’s a thaw then / anew