catch the seafarer of vast doona pattern unknowns in this:

like a ball-lightning technologist (his face pretty much an avatar)

busy basking, with some expertise in vegetable dye screen printing

& love, just to humanise all future victims. secretly i pine for you,

also your vast truths mate, like a waiting patient breathing. look at that.


iconic: a veritable mr squiggle when i hide these things. mirey.

although, your enthusiasm for the hole punch mechanism pales to

not moderately noteworthy. however syntax cooperates with

me it’s because i woo it. wearing the tracksuit pants of previous


freeze-frame fame it would seem. betwixt & athwart

mindless passing the time & beverages we exchange

instances of running into friends we record the surprise

& mention it, then as if i am now doing it & never was,

a present smile & nod presents (others are wry, delicate