today i did a bit of gardening. must get some new azaleas. the mailman is late – normally presents at 10.30am each morning. is it crazy that i briefly imagine him dead in a ditch? maybe i should get some new hobbies. i’ll start right away.

i’ve been going through the archives of adam fieled’s blog. i don’t care if he knows it. i’m writing a paper on blogging & using his blog as material. the unsual thing though is how much i feel like i’m getting inside his head – his personality & the way he thinks about poetics. it’s interesting, but also not an entirely comfortable feeling.

angela meyer has just posted her talk on cultural blogging. while commenting, a number of things intervened (none related to gardening; more than one related to the demands of a child; exactly one related to the delivery of mail). the point is though, that by the time i left a comment someone else already had. luckily his comment didn’t bring up anything i should have referred to. but if it had of, i would have felt quite the fool. is it crazy that i am analysing this potential embarrassment, now situated firmly in the past, publicly? maybe i should get some new hobbies. i’ll start right now.

this – as suggested by sarah (founder of the ‘fair-shake-of-the-sauce bottle fanclub’) – is a baby hedgehog.