there’s at least one person who only reads what i post on either wordpress, facebook, or twitter, so sometimes i do find myself putting the same things up on all three. not quite though. i couldn’t have typed all that has just been typed into a micro-blog field, so, this blog-entry is the place you’ll see me get the most expansive about the same issue. & it is this:

i’ve just found out The Monthly are putting all their content on the website now, & as such an article written by Alice Pung is now available for online linkage: 

if you read through it all you’ll see she mentions an Albury high school & Wagga juvenile detention centre i took her to, as part of my Booranga duties. it’s a really interesting read. for one thing, the visit to the detention centre was quite short, & i wouldn’t have suspected it made much of an impact on Alice. which just goes to show that people harbour things; that of course makes perfect sense.

but also, the thing she doesn’t mention is that the boys who attended her session were selected to go too. this sort of equates them with the private school boys, the members of the literary club who pop up earlier in the article, appearing all polite & interested. 

there’s some sort of parallel to be drawn, by someone other than me. maybe Alice could do it, in an article for The Australian, or something.