*Warning: if you are attempting to vote for me in the uber-important blog battle, go here & comment. Do not let typing space die! This header shall appear atop every post until the contest culmination. & every post until then will, in some way, detail my journey through this ‘blog-battle’. Will I grow as a person? Will I become less than before? What am I dwelling on right now? We shall see…


day one a year six of frenzies, the battle

passes me by my whole family a daze,

a bo derek mist splayed over c-block,

transcending stomach contortions.


she’s got a kill look. perverse dominatrix of the

bad-boys battened down headspace, maybe, but still.

we’re scrubbing desks & avoiding eyes.


spend time only with your own considered physicality,

surprisingly, come up with delusional tactics & steal

coils of magnesium. i might spurn my own sickness.

flip you for it. many of many are discarded;

some, later employed.


comprehension sheet.

token of affection.