hi. our slight fascinations were unearthed

one by one, tuesday. each foreign named &

locally sourced cocktail beaming /

with personality. that’s a riposte jenny &

your fantasy of an older-you voice-over

it’s cued:

calmly narrate us all through

pivotal moments, soundtracked failure

now ‘lessons’, proof of individuation /

dancers on the cusp of an axis:

image of objectness waning

like fingertips a-stretch for a lofty

spanner grasp /

everything we desire is not so silly /

i’m immanent & more so… half-cut, a moon

pressed to felt, alphabetic token to reward

all sly apertures… /

the weft or weave exacting, blasé, nascent /

you remind me of the folk of yore

& the posing that way is cool, you mannequin.