____the tourist travel is always easy the ruptures the

norm, fade to a spike of wine-glass chat, post-being-

there, post-every-thing. & the plibersek patronymic

it gets her through loopholes of any geo-context,

anyway. we commune loud. we are biodiverse:

my shrouded origin is stained with effulgent soot

too! i loosen my grip on a hairstyle, bleat out the

oxymoronic messages of love, direct you outwards.


vault past the heart of a pat city state, filter out

the allocated grace out of this televised debate.

___(oh that i were less responsible for generality.)

the children discovered their myth – believe it; forget

my wanton ignorance. here we are all conch-ciphers.

so develop a policy, a colonial vow, a photo of fairies.