blue an arc of bristling cloud unwinds
into the eyes dejected & elated in waves,
all such steaming repetition boggles sheer
stainless steel: everywhere & nowhere & in-
between (so, i was sitting there writing
about these huge clouds this steam that
shouldn’t be there, & i was thinking, wow,
this is major, & you just know something
is going on (unexpected the flaming ad-break
segue reinforces my slavish behaviour, so,
i scratched your silver macbook casing
anticipating thoughts of the past,
daguerreotype like, wordless & pristine
(i was sitting scratching, when suddenly,
finally, it clicked: something where something
happens! not the typical aha to invoke emotion,
flaccid attendant randomness no (this is the
judging of food: i was standing this time,
being judged & i was thinking, this is it you know,
real judgement, but somehow simultaneously
at least it’s real & there, no flimsy fiction of
appellative talent, just the pert gust of wet &
noisome air unbroken before the moment had
passed (i was suspecting as much (so, i was)