begin awkward-phrasing data crunch (your poetry feels too… equine).

inject a Strathmore liberality. travel by rail, fake ‘looking’,

then blame the ticketing system. flounder in the bus-

wet air, locate salvation in a mate’s boyish shouting,

a blossoming arc across Pitt Street. cross Pitt Street.

eat a sandwich. digest naught. order a schooner,

two, feel heady in speaking. smell the bouquet of

disorder in the spirits, fix this via imagination.

take a newspaper quiz, turn quizzical after an

insult. be cool, as if it was all planned.

dismiss a gallery viewing, bear a smoke on the 38 route

& tack on a grin.  get nostalgic for your 2006 visit,

start associating the number 6 with fun. oh,

devolve a quayside unit & potted plants.

why not. initiate some circumstances, elegant wine

& soft cheeses open on the bench say. list this. say

you are listing this. itemise  responses alongside

furniture. itemise pocketed lists. feign being in love

for the guests, we all know what pleases mums.

then command respect – extol invective

to the guy shouting ‘what?’ anyway.

let great films influence the way

you think. think of answers to problems.

disseminate bravado. light the grill with an

inefficient roll of the wrist, standing amidst

political observations. disgorge a photo

of the times. poke your plate with a knife,

remembering specific arses pressed to a window,

forgetting your drink. address the gathering

ill-preparedly & accept how well you’ve done.

take issue with the moon. apologise via sleep.