blogging about this for the proper blog site seems silly. i didn’t do it for them or for their cause. the cause – changing the culture – just seemed like a convenient one that i could co-opt for my own purposes. (like last year when i did the hair thing. i raised over a thousand dollars for a cause i can’t really remember. was it cancer? i didn’t care about the specifics.)

so day 2, the day i didn’t blog about, was probably worse than day 1, a day i also didn’t blog about. i did facebook about day 0 though. a few people commented, not really knowing to what the number referred. day 2 was crap because of goings on which wanted me to end the days. i wanted to stop it just like that & go back to the minus days. but i didn’t.

consequently day 3 seems better. bodily fug recedes; childlike sense of the senses hinted at. i’m predicting day 10 will suck. this is perhaps where the childlike sense of ‘wow everything is so vast & fucked’ will return. i remember that lasting a number of years.