stuff was half-price under the chemist’s lights.

the door creak is the landlord’s problem. oh

hello cat. where have you been. such mysteries

beaming out of your bored-as-fuck eyes. here these

lines i wrote withstand the truth: ‘first cat in a while’.

i read the dragon tattoo book quickly & it felt great!

it feels good to read books again, to read them well.

look unemployment seems to be at a very low level.

boy, a bit of perfume fixes most things. but my

inability to astral travel persists. i muss my own hair

before appearances. ron calls me a bi-atch

for the syllabic effect. our lives aren’t stylised

enough. i don’t own a scarf. it never rains.

all the good writers write about sex.

let’s be awful to each other now

so as to never expect anything.