i went on the train to Lithgow

i regret not looking beyond

the CBD i desperately wanted

to get OPI Zom-body to Love

& stayed at The Rock / i was

sitting there i took the chance

to check out spend some time

organising our warehouse i was

introduced to a friend visited with

the kangaroos i set up a printer for

Beth i learned that Jim was going

this is my host-mom: i was looking

in a newspaper i was fortunate enough

i discovered the word ‘fuck’ went to the

AXA headquarters i met this girl /

photos that i took literally the most

stunning person i thought i’d take

some snaps i connected i was lucky

enough to witness some of her poems

you & i especially got closer

i called on Colin i watched


i was suffering real bad happened

to check the station email i had to stay

in my sister’s room i went to a lot

of familiar sights i gathered photographs /

i downloaded it all i asked a homeless

person i was able to sit i was introduced

to a friend of a friend i met with Ally

for the first time i had really good Indian

i was getting out of the car with Jacob

i accomplished this

i connected

i stayed at the Radisson

i experienced some personal tragedies

Saturday mornings with Emma & Peter

i also wrote a piece of my own, an elegy

i bought myself a copy of ‘Backgammon

for Dummies’ only i learnt about it too late

i was pleased to deliver the keynote address

i chose the lighter roasted Dolci Sapori

i was pushed to the limit i had a fairly packed

schedule i was also assisting the teacher

i sent payment through

i ignored friendly warnings i think

the products are cheaper here i swear

i visited the immigration office i tried

i saw countless Hothouse XR Falcons

i always miss out on the fun i picked up

this cute bangle i could Video Tape

anywhere i was taken to Bondi Beach

at 5am i started to experiment more

i took part in a photo exhibition called

‘Sexy young Things’ i rescued 3 horses

i was looking pretty considering everything

i shattered 25% of my tailbone