epic: those manicured plazas

a hurried & etched blot where

design is accidental unless observed in threes,

like girls hit with hard air. ha. ah.

after central the road assembles. an underrated dispersal of moss,

the creep, gesturing forwards & under

your mind-set always

moulded by a stop.

smallpox killed an estimated ‘1’ french triassic sailor.

spermatozoa catchment now chiefly stored in encyclopedias &

rapid bus transitways, fuck, they just transit

(people answer at dusk – see disambiguation for other uses

post-2000 you wave on dykes, hinterland, a singly volcanic necking

(anne’s night out (a free glassing, insurance losses

pre-date her incorporation, music wafts at 21.8 degrees

a girl asking if you’re looking for a lady / a lady hooking

it to a bouncer / swaying breasts only later zoom in –

balding non-drinkers, cunts with $50: water is stored in dams

initiatives to ‘civilise’

ranks 7th in my bathroom

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photograph contemporary art after the wharf

share it large, oh shine!