let’s go on a health kick janine will say anything

maybe i can stare at this out-of-rego caravan ad till

i get cancer wear this ornamental thin cardigan,

designer specs, & secretly plan a new eco-business

seems she’s traversed every village this side of

of anywhere they’re all extending skateparks &

crediting the youth with potential & like fuck

she has there should be a funding category milf

or a language more effective than all the others

did you say that out loud nan lives hours away

with her aching gut & watery eyes but she can

be edited out knowing our humour sets us apart

let’s download a tv series american writing is

good there’s trees i can’t name out front janine

can but she’s never turned autocorrect off &

it’s cold & it’s overcast & this guy wears an akubra

& walks past now we have just the one stained glass

window if i smash it that’s it let’s hate shopping