have you been to other places? it is easy enough

to get there. feign ‘calm’ after a/the Thunderclap

then imagine yourself a painting in a gallery

‘Man battles Rain’

(you are a woman)

you artlessly suck at the day’s pith but

no matter

we both hit the ground breathing.

two doves preen each other & love at each other.

what creatures will mate for life? you should

commission a study / eat pizza.

make it a friday in a place

the depth charge of dollars will spread evenly:

fey lines emboss distance, things proliferate

separating an abstract you

from every villa in the villa district

(a lack of sloth but local colour a triumph!

everywhere maids & cooks are attractive

& freshly showered

(we should trek about & learn the rituals, probably

(don’t act australian (the jut of landscape

ably mirrors your suntanned swagger &

protruding drunken words, or nipples

(besides, we work hard (the beef eating the

water sports the couldn’t-give-a-fuck-ness

part of the culture (telling the story

buying the object uploading the

experience sitting at

a dining table,

that too