this stretch of big sky of specious damp rice husks

burnt into a great cloud-apeing plumes –

 everyone has lost a dog or found a pack / this we report.

Kelly can you buy a rumour, swap an endangered

language? watch her pile a heritage schoolhouse onto

a truck Curate it for later pleasure. make her do anything!

we’re all communications ministers,

here it’s planned space. the lull after

service providers forward the email to Jenny, ensconced

in her own agency, a secret wet-land threat.

every moment spent holding my forehead / each addition to time

aeons spent getting to the point / a bell with the door matched

the bell from the router & your name & i stopped,

now making tea, without any through-line.

as part of a moneyed dynasty I’d settle for mad basketball skills.

you were born like me then chose to lie, to write crime-fiction

we’re never caught in the rain like it used to be

it’s just not as easy:

a flat-pack existence – delivery fees & looking for your blanket.

rain outside the op-shop. no you have a nice day!

bald tyres, cross-device reminders, & ‘playing for big points’.

you haven’t met Peter? i’ll remember that come the future / fronting a

tribunal of some sort…

pop-up-me – leveraging sentiment / facing signage we admire classic

stained glass ‘i saw a brown snake’ she echoes in the dusk,

like a claim to this & us, like artificial recognition else representations

of us, everything is easier outside with places: 

full / still / with us.