as if we couldn’t have seen a growth of mist

over the day bounce loose from our demolished

yet never straight torsos. we stifled all signals

for a handful of fire. i don’t have a readable

aura & soon you’ll compel us all to think of

common sights, sense restaurant semantics.

tunneling forward to respite care, here:

sharks at card-games are losers, snapping

at a stooping tall man with a dual-speed

register, drawing on his peace-of-mind,

semi-sonic. i ate mint teeth when the music

stopped. the ghosts are energised at your

agenda, imprisoned for now though we

swam out of the found river mouth, suspended

character actors, falls of powdered sugar.

sure you meant to say that, impact bending,

my pipe charred, expenditure a low-level

deep-rinse spin-cycle. the dog set

to a howl out back. i’d hoped to pick

up a southern accent, get butchered in

Victoria, says cheap flights & your PIN on a slip

of yellowing paper. oh i’m a spent wayfarer

out past that one-bowser desert station, past

crimped fox carcasses, just a green digit

of rage. investment in hotel packet coffee

laced with starch. billions cluster.