the meningococcal click bold in the skull’s belfry

a why do anything morning-long pang of regret


unreal acidity rolls around like luggage the

temporary fog was cheeky but only that


steering committees / head-lit roadsigns &

our hopes layered up in a routine bay


midday is so harsh it ought not exist you blink

to unlock the achievements trembling like a plant


like sketches, lava lamps, recorded conversation

in the nothing stretch you need to acquit the morning


that humming fluorescent light a taskmaster

coffee poured, words said, if only i lived more intensely


collected more parking fines while young

bronzed statuettes recant & kiss hello


the memories in this work

should evaporate









while you talk of empty rum bottles there’s also

the handwritten note, all jokes to be made


cross-legged on the carpet another monday

catching the bus checking my hair


in the newsagent window April dries & i’m barefoot

watching, forever an uncertain construct of the ride


home in bed visualise the window-seat the girl

obstinately straightening her hair get it right


before dinner divide the image by your vocabulary

never a sleeting style rain when you’ve missed your ride


only here in a room, April in the rain, pre-96

thoughts of an artistic career cresting the bridge


& anyway the horsepower of the heart strains

to animate you, hentai tentacle percussionist,


abject photon receptacle