samurai emerging from the flatlands

saltlake pool for eyes meaning in measurements

of feet that’s how you do beach: underwing, yellow

& bronze at the insistent flecks who cares

what antimacassar means?


later she’ll chew her lip at the notion

maneuverable we’ll be out in the sun featuring

the low cut dress from behind a profound

dip from shoulder to thread the city has gout

inflamed at every crossing my hopes of lush

unseasonals just whispered over the bar

everything feels blue verging on cobalt

convenient though: the plot played out in

a flattened lizard its patterns a corrosive veil

fractal songlines in the haze & i wrote –

observations matter less & less


you ask are you ok & that’s fucking final

never hearing words again me in a thousand years

you’re hugging knees it’s a series finale the episode

filmed in the grassed amphitheatre i read everything

in your voice since inside my head where we all

live alone


powering down so this will function as my

history of things described as ‘patchwork’

you are you experiencing this now, struck

with an autonomous sensory meridian response

a projection of my flaws to make you feel


the final boarding call: connection as commodity

a simple viewfinder to the roofbeams a splay of fingers

under the table we’re a silly blanket agreement


wow getting back-to-community your contact

details have dissolved a bright green slick

an apex of fabric began the world &

now forgetting feels dangerous


a dumb stance: hidden experience in the poem

(i got that) in the lag the over-sharp afternoon

backlit the tarmac