keeping at experience as a function of

the contemporary edit: self / un-self / msg.


if i proved anything in the way i said sorry

(that time) it’s everything. there’s a million shots


from aside the harbor bridge only one of them is true –

so i’ll keep at this. not much else to choose.


my princess bubblegum but much more

with & without hope. backchannel subtleties,


implications, & legit withdrawal. everything

is apt i guess though, as contemporary


people, circling structures, etching glory.

earlier & my daughter plays piano.


there’s this fickle smell of rotting crustacean.

i burnt down the microwave she says,


right now, as if on cue. totally cute.

the retirees fell asleep but clapped & you know,


it was & is hard to determine a position.

it is what it is is a thing we say.


i took photos from a low angle courting ‘spectacular’:

of course you’re in on that: sharpen & saturate. de-fringe.


this afternoon i wrote then backspaced: it’s been harder than

i thought. kicked my thong, paid the swim-teacher.


how good is regret & how keen, i mean. anything

to get you talking. so gross. this is so atonal.