this the midday cone of water & your grin

a translucent fizzle underneath, prepped &

captured, neutrinos complicit in a perky array

of circumstance. nice.


was this the first year without resolve?


after learning everything via movie dialogue

i complied the send times of your emails:

mapped out a curvaceous graph line,

rendered it eye-colour green for the reports,

there are no other topics normal friends discuss.


whatever. a battle of memory-maps – that merge right

sign becomes that rock-face becomes the bay –

purposeful turn-offs waves of liquid image: sorry!

i’ve wasted all my good compliments. zadie was

jumping at the swell of new things, expansive

in the wind, scenery. i only really think long-form

while driving then attempt a recapture.


wrote: so much for not hurting people then re-

thought the sentiment. the expression. deletions

a new form; ageing is just the gradual discovery

of more pain. it’s exciting if nothing else.


i felt irritated in my dream with a bank of hazy cloud

blocking the early light. twice eighteen now less

worried, sometimes, with the bellbird bell a weird

sforzando marker. the crackle of a stick & side-boob

from afar. he was able to say ‘before you were born’

like it mattered (with those oncoming storm clouds).


your tone of voice frays & i’ll read more into that later.

an interlude of sorts, time for thinking in whole sentences,

chunks of data flowing near the amenities block but sketchy

otherwise, a toothpaste residue always in the mud.


has anyone ever had it this hard? lighthouse keepers,

socialites, tech experts, ex-pats.. finally listened back

over the new monologue: learnt, mastered, spat.