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scored a first-person-shooter movie tie-in

before bed. remember coffee, txt or bravado

fronting stone architecture (design still the

buzzword)? & blood. the scent of aqua still

drips like breath from an oversized sketch-

book. derek is a volunteer firefighter in his

spare time. as the historical events of

‘the deliberate quiet’ unfold, events that are

still so recent in our minds, his rampant anxiety

also revealed. what is letting go? what is anything.

most dovetailed cabinet joints remind us of grandma,

a pure engagement with the popgun, a boy’s own

annual, linoleum tiles ever cooling. this summer,

fear has a name (& we are middle class enough

to know it). 9.50 this morning you looked timeless

in digital – the dog playing its role, the north so

green. but the look of my own face, a sheer cheap

cereal complexion. there’s always later or never.

hello haven for symbols. now, i’ll write you:

a runaway tank 360-skidding my name out on

flush wet concrete, tomorrow, it says it all.