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lamplight pinned to the setting day’s pantone code

just for me & every time is a new time this open swamp

full of walkers is glass-half-empty stupid


handcuffed imagine your own routines as if there’s scope

or room to move cicadas answer the torturer ad i mean

no doubt all animals are lonely what do you feel like

when you’re tired? more beginnings


at reception looking left past the hair of the girl

like it’s me there (time flickers the bulbs fucked

it’s february (reminder: gallery at 10 (all interaction

leaves a psychic imprint a wine stain in the air


swans paired outside the window paperbark

in the foreground you don’t care still

more questions proving everything to your sister

nestle in that space over & above the closet


i’ll wind the windows down struck all 80s reflective:

the slight downy refraction over your left ear: a thing


then noticing anything is hard a bird it slams into

the plexiglass another girl coughs idk yeah no it’s

those scars left open at the local pool unabashed &

it’s the maccas coke the skin & the veins underneath

plus it’s being teased it’s getting stressed

where do you stand on cuteness where


i jumped at the black snake preoccupied

with that gold cresting the palms back there

trying to frame a description using words for later

but taking off socks blasts it away & our own

communication forum persists also a thing


then it’s headlights & 20-20 sight within mid-week air

i’m just a part-time molecule agitator


read subject-line-less emails in the gloaming to birdsqueal

girls or shadows persist powerwalk in pairs

a crazy hexagonal route lit by lightning

maddening polyrhythms


my lack of focus