an idiot as judged by the shadow

of friends derek scalds the coffee.

the loudest car-stereo in the town-

ship exists as an echo, like, when

you liked me more (bees adrift on

other winds, intrigues, window-

framed) wanting to see things want-

ing to hear yes i’ll step on a grass

thorn & it’s before: he’s missing that

more / unflagging interest & the

imagined look about the eyes,

forever inquiry, prettily flecked

& filtered, instances of saying any-

thing. oh i’d do anything while

scratched & opened (looking

forward to the wine uncorked

before the party impulse fogging

your attentive nod) for you i

changed the icon sick of looking

at my own face. what is falling

in love when it’s typed & bare /

so this is the contemporary edit.

anyway new guidelines for calm:

are you there? a mess of interaction,

historically (derek thumbing for

sentiment in the thesaurus) & now

i don’t want to wait. in the glow of

a device maybe a pitch change

to indicate the winding up,

the daft progress of sleep.