tagging the images productively

seconds drained was it rain / was it

more the icicle emoji & is this

#change or a mandala

of unravelling / i’m not good

in any other format here all

disappointments stay tied-down,

under control / the poem shudders,

resists temptation, but writes: that’s not

fair / wrote: you can’t leave things out

once they’ve happened & did i

ever expect that of / the cat

only wants warmth, pushed close

to me & zadie crisps her toes

under the tv, but / left out the key

word, wore it like a mantle into

the main street, bought coke,

used the exclamation mark / so.

unplanned solid occurrences: you

met her & cared so much / you

wanted to not feel that / you

tried, couldn’t, can’t